Millions of Reasons to Make Your Age-Friendly Pool Safe

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Millions of Reasons to Make Your Age-Friendly Pool Safe

Depending on what you read, the numbers vary; but it's safe to say that there are over 50 million people over the age of 65, and that's just in the US! Now consider how many of those individuals may have difficulty walking, moving, or need extra safety precautions.

RenoSys has utilized our decades' worth of experience to design age-friendly commercial pools that take into account a greater need for security, ease of access to the water, and functionality of the pool. We wrote here about a design that combines exercise areas with general swim areas, and also has lower-riser stairs to help patrons enter and exit the water more easily.


As for safety designs and products: our SoftSide™ Safety Padding and Flooring plays a huge role in making an age-friendly commercial pool facility secure for patrons who need it most. How could SoftSide padding benefit your facility now, or work in an age-friendly design?


We wrote here about the dangers of 3m dive stands and how our custom-fit SoftSide pads help to minimize a very real safety concern for aquatic centers that have these stands. Just as our custom pads work with dive stands, they can also be used around features like pillars, ladders, etc. - any area that you need extra security. SoftSide padding is also conveniently available in a variety of common sizes for easy ordering. 


Here you can see SoftSide padding on pillars supporting part of a water play feature:



Here you can see SoftSide padding used under a dive stand at a swim club:



For a center focused primarily on patrons who need greater safety measures, SoftSide Safety Flooring is the highest level of fall-zone security that we recommend. We will help you choose the level of padding that works best for the needs of your center – from 1/4” to 4” inches thick. The PVC covering is durable, as well as textured to provide increased traction. (Click here to download the brochure(s) for our SoftSide Padding and Flooring.)


All our SoftSide Padding & Flooring also meets CPSC guidelines for fall-zone protection. You'll know that along with being designed to meet safety recommendations for safety padding, SoftSide is also:


  • watertight

  • low-maintenance and easy to clean

  • UV stabilized

  • durable


So whether you need to upgrade safety precautions at your age-friendly commercial pool, or if you're looking to renovate or design a new pool with aging patrons in mind, RenoSys has the design ability as well as the quality products to ensure that your pool is safe and age-friendly. You have millions of reasons to choose RenoSys for your age-friendly pool design, renovation, or upgrade. Your pool guests will thank you!


You can read more about RenoSys and making commercial pools accessible and secure for your patrons here and here. If you have questions, we have answers. Call us today and one of our knowledgable team members will help get you started on your pool project. 800-793-7005

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