Get Rid of Repairs - Get the Superior Pool Interior

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Get Rid of Repairs - Get the Superior Pool Interior

Has anyone ever complained of “pool toe” at your facility? Even if you haven't heard of it, you've probably seen it, or just didn't know it has a name. Affecting kids more than adults, the dreaded pool toe occurs when visitors are pushing off the bottom of the pool; if the surface is rough, pitted, or cracked...they end up with scrapes and skinned feet or even knees (in shallow water).


While it's not exactly a life-threatening condition, you don't want to be passing out band-aids regularly. Believe it or not, they actually make stick-on pads for people's feet just to prevent pool-related foot injury! Your guests shouldn't need to buy a product to keep from having sore feet at your pool.


Even if you plan to repair and smooth out the surface of your pool, especially if it's gotten really rough in spots – it's a literal patch on the problem. It's not a solution, it's a pool repair bandage; unless you look forward to draining your pool, inspecting, patching, sanding, and all the rest.


Of course, there is an alternative. Instead of dealing with regular repairs, and the time, effort, and cost of fixing your pool's surface, why not go with the superior pool interior? When we do a renovation or new construction, we typically use the RenoSys PVC pool membrane. Installed as your pool's surface, it's made from durable, and best of all, comfortable PVC. While the membrane is typically textured, it isn't rough and abrasive like an aging traditional pool surface. The difference for your guests is dramatic. Kids can stop complaining about sore feet and start enjoying the pool. A better pool interior is better for everyone!


On your end, as an owner/operator of a commercial pool, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won't be back out overseeing yet another patch job in the slow season. Your pool surface problems have officially been solved. Have other pool problems? Decking issues? Safety concerns? Other questions? We have the answers. Give us a call: 800-783-7005.

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